Wirral Riding Centre Special Olympics Equestrian Event

Event Details & Information

All participants can enter a maximum of 3 events from the list below, but must be advised that athletes must be entered into the same division in all events selected.


Which can be entered are C2(led), C1, B, & A/PC levels.



Working Trail

Horse-care & Knowledge

Prix Capriili – Level A/AP riders wanting to compete in the Prix Caprilli test must make this clear when submitting their entry. This includes a canter and 4 small jumps and is an alternative event to the working trail.

Competition Format:

Entrants will be divisioned according to ability and secondly age. We will try to ensure that there are no more than 6 riders per division and will try to ensure that young entrants do not compete against adults. Any queries about divisioning should be addressed prior to the event taking place.

Sport Rules:

The competition will run in accordance with Article 1 of the Special Olympics Sports Rules, the current Official Special Olympics Sports Rules and National Governing Body (NGB) Rules. Please note that this competition will also apply the new Equestrian Rules updated 2020. – Please check SOI resources page for any updated sport rules.

For further guidance and general information (including the maximum effort rule) please refer to Special Olympics Guide to Competition

Officials’ decisions - At all times the Officials decision are final and all individuals must respect all Officials as well as opponents in an appropriate manner.


Special Olympics GB Summer Series of Sport competitions are open to Active and Registered Athletes Only – No Guests

Entry forms for this event can be found at the bottom of the page or CLICK HERE

Regional/Programme Volunteers attending Special Olympics GB events:

  • Must be active and registered
  • Must have appropriate DBS/PVG in place
  • Must be identified in advance of the events being attended on the entry form

Entry Contribution Fee:

The cost of entry is £60 per rider for 3 classes (Dressage, Working Trail and Horse Care and Knowledge). This includes Horse Hire and Lunch, horses will be allocated according to rider height and weight.

Closing date for entries is 1st March 2024. Please note that entries will be accepted on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

This fee chargeable to the accredited programme.

The dressage tests and working trails course will be sent out once entries have been received.

A paper copy of the course will be provided on the day and riders will be able to familiarize themselves with the course before the event.

Level A/AP riders wanting to compete in the Prix Caprilli test must make this clear when submitting their entry. This includes a canter and 4 small jumps and is an alternative event to the working trail.

Further information for Head Coaches:

All Team Head coaches must complete the Team Form and the Medical Information Forms. Please CLICK HERE for details and to complete forms.

Equestrian coaches must have rider health information forms with them and are responsible for the safe carrying, storing and administration of medication during the event.

The venue is easily accessible from the M1 motorway. Directions to the venue will be provided on request.

Riders should wear the correct riding attire for the dressage and may wear SO regional sweatshirts for Working Trails. (further details provided on request).

Please ensure hats reach current RDA Safety Standards.

Test sheets and individual entry times will be emailed/posted to the group coach when the entry forms and fees are received.

There will be a limit of 50 competitors during the 2 day event.

All riders must have a SAM number.

The entry deadline is 1st March 2024

The event will use the Special Olympics Equestrian Rules as a basis for the competition. Appointed officials will be responsible for decision making and their role should be respected.

Protests and Appeals should be directed to the competition manager and forms will be available for completion should the matter not be resolved during the event.


Opening Ceremony:

Will take place in Wirral’s indoor school at the beginning of the day on the 8th April at 9.00am.

It would be helpful for athletes to start arriving at the venue from 8.30am, so all athletes from all regions are in attendance for the ceremony to begin on time.

The athletes, Coaches and Officials oaths will be read out.

Closing Ceremony:

Will take place in the indoor school at Wirral indoor school on the 9th April once all competitors have completed their events and all score sheets have been calculated.

Awards Ceremonies:

The awards ceremony will take place after the closing ceremony. The medals and ribbons for events will be awarded to athletes along with rosettes, we will try to ensure that there are no more than 6 riders per division.

Rosettes/ribbons will be awarded to athletes on completion of their Horse-care & Knowledge event.


As this will be a 2 day event, accommodation maybe required, there is accommodation available close to Wirral’s venue, please let me know if you need help with this.

This can be done at The Ship Hotel, The Parade, Parkgate, CH64 6SA. 01513363931


An on-site catering facility will be present on the day. Riders will be provided with a packed lunch. Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be free for riders and coaches.

Details of any food allergies or special dietary requirements should be emailed to debbie@wirralridingcentre.com at least 72 hours before the event commences.

Medical Services/First Aid

First Aid and Insurance are covered by the venue.

First Aid assistance maybe on site during the event.

First Aid staff onsite from venue.



Publicity and photographs.

The local media will be asked to cover the event.

Parents and coaches are welcome to take photos providing they do not obstruct or distract judges or competitors.

Any queries regarding this should be addressed debbie@wirralridingcentre.com

For any questions prior to or during the event please contact:

Mrs Shirley Hudson 

281 Town Lane



S61 4LW

Tel 0784 733 5065


Debbie Evans

Wirral Riding Centre


CH64 8TA


Any queries or questions can be emailed to debbie@wirralridingcentre.com

For any further enquiries relating to the Special Olympics GB, please contact Special Olympics GB National Office via: competitions@sogb.org.uk

If you have any queries regarding hire of horses or the classes please contact Debbie Evans on 07929382660

Please complete and submit the Athlete entry form by 1st March 2024