Further information for Head Coaches

Equestrian coaches must have rider health information forms with them and are responsible for the safe carrying, storing and administration of medication during the event.

CLICK HERE to download Rider Health Information Form required for each rider.

The venue is easily accessible from the M1 motorway. Directions to the venue will be provided on request.

Riders should wear the correct riding attire for the dressage and may wear SO regional sweatshirts for Working Trails. (further details provided on request).

Please ensure hats reach current RDA Safety Standards.

Test sheets and individual entry times will be emailed/posted to the group coach when the entry forms and fees are received.

Please complete an Athlete Entry Form for each athlete and submit, together with entry fees, by 1st March 2024.

There will be a limit of 50 competitors during the 2 day event.

All riders must have a SAM number.

The entry deadline is 1st March 2024

The event will use the Special Olympics Equestrian Rules as a basis for the competition. Appointed officials will be responsible for decision making and their role should be respected.

Protests and Appeals should be directed to the competition manager and forms will be available for completion should the matter not be resolved during the event.