Pony Club

Wirral Riding Centre is the only official Pony club centre on the Wirral. This is for young people up to the age of 21 who want to learn to ride and care for ponies whether they have they own pony or not. Members can work to achieve badges of a variety of subjects, as well as riding tests. This is a great way to build confidence, team work and to meet new friends in a safe and fun environment. The Pony Club often hold competitions which are great fun and they go on trips that are organised by ourselves to exciting equestrian venues.

We have six groups for Pony Club.

Group 1 is for members who are able to walk unaided and trot with a leader, Group 2 is for members who are walking and trotting independently and learning how to canter, Group 3 is for members who can walk, trot and canter independently and do poles, Group 4 is for members who are learning how to jump, Group 5 is for members who can confidently jump small fences and Group 6 is for members who are able to jump a small course of jumps.

Groups 1 and 2 are held every alternate week on a Sunday from 3pm-5pm, Groups 3 and 4 are held every alternate Saturday from 1.30-3.30pm and Groups 5 and 6 are held every alternate Friday from 6-8pm. This must be booked via the app and a list of dates for each group is available from the office and via our app.

During Pony club, members will have a riding lesson and the remaining time will be spent doing hands on activities, to learn about stable management and riding theory. Parents do not need to stay with their child during pony club.

Pony Club membership forms can be downloaded from the Pony Club website and once a member you will get the benefits of insurance, regular magazines, updates and the chance to purchase from the Pony Club shop!!

For more information on The Pony Club, visit www.pcuk.org